Because code might change realities

Our mission is to bring together people who love to program (or want to learn) to build new products using technology! As a result we hope to have the best technology professionals who can create their companies (or work) wherever they want.


We believe in you!

Imagine ... when we can all live wherever we want, with enough money to have a good quality of life and be happy in our daily activities.

Let's make it possible together!

Our Meetings


We code, as much as we can, cause we love code.


We create, think and change together. We want to generate products that add value to our day-to-day.


We believe that English is important, and we Brazilians from this community are learning and practicing, maybe you help us!


We always learn and try to do it in a fun way!

How a meeting works

We start by chatting about what's going on in CodeFTW, then from time to time we have a talk from someone in the group. Those first two parts are pretty fast. After that each one will act on your CodeFTW project of interest.

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